Mark Calloway

Original Art Creations
By Mark Calloway

Founding Member of Portrait Artists Of Mid-Ohio

Artist Mark Calloway works in his studio and home in the fine city of Mansfield, Ohio. Where he is well known for his portraits and fine art. Calloway is truly a modern artist for he expresses him-self with a wide range of realism, impressionistic to abstract, and Expressionism. His brushwork is bold and his colors are pure and vibrant. His compositions are well balanced and many can be viewed from several angles yet hold their integrity.

He says painting a portrait requires all his painting experience and humanity to capture the person in a two dimensional surface. Also when painting a portrait he will not divide it up into pieces, such as with hands or with out hands, or background or not, but prefers to paint whatever it takes to create a work of art his patrons deserve.

Blessed by hands on family and an excellent art community and school system. His talents were recognized early. At age eight through twelve he received several art scholarships to attend the Mansfield Art Guild (now the Richland Academy of Fine Arts).

Studying under master artist and teacher Frank Daniells in senior high school. He was part of his advanced arts studio. Where Daniells went beyond his regular curriculums. Where Calloway's enthusiasm grew strong enough to carry his interest and the drive necessary to discipline himself in art and portraiture.

He says, "he's a graduate of hard knocks and God's many blessings in the kindness of many people!"

Calloway has been a drawing instructor for The Richland Academy of Fine Arts and a current member.

He is a member of the Portrait Society of America. He is the founding member of the Portrait Artists of Mid-Ohio. He is a member of the Brush and Palette Art Club, which meets at the famous Kingwood Center estates and gardens of Mansfield, Ohio. He's been an artist and member of the prestige's Mansfield Art Center most of his adult life.

His dream is to imitate God in creation and life by allowing the spirit of life to lead his steps and hands.





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