The Art Cellar Gallery

Ohio Plains

Peg Vasil & Sharon Weaver

May 6 - June 3, 2016

This is just a samping of the artwork in the show.
Please stop into the gallery to enjoy all the wonderful work by our talented artists!

Click on the images below to see a larger image.

Peg and Sharon are members of the Ohio Plein Aire Society. The group painted the prairies of Ohio.
They did one painting on site and then returned to the studio to recreate the scene and reference photos in different sizes and mediums.

Stop into the gallery to enjoy the beauty of the Ohio Prairies as captured by the artistic talents of Peg & Sharon!


                                                         Prairie Burn  - Oil painting by Peg Vasil               Spring in Daghmar Savannah - Oil painting by Peg Vasil            Rolling Meadow - Oil painting by Peg Vasil

                                                                                      Pairie Burn               Spring in Daghmar Savannah         Rolling Meadow
Peg Vasil                                      Peg Vasil                                  Peg Vasil
                                                                                           Oil                                                Oil                                             Oil
                                                                                          $175                                             $85                                            $85   



                                                                                    Queen of the Prairie - Oil painting by Peg Vasil                       Prairie Burn - Pastel painting by Sharon Weaver                    Burn #2 - Pastel painting by Sharon Weaver

                                                                              Queen of the Prairie                       Prairie Burn                                   Burn #2
                                                                                      Peg Vasil                                  Sharon Weaver                             Sharon Weaver
                                                                                         Oils                                             Pastels                                           Pastels                   
                                                                                        $300                                               $90                                               $75     





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